Think about the way your entire business can change by developing a fully-custom web-based database application. We don’t mean trying to fit your processes into a difficult, off the shelf platform. We are talking about a platform that was dreamt up by you and built from the ground up to adapt to your business (not the opposite). All you need is a goal and we will take care of the rest.
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The most important part of any project is the planning. The overall success of a project is determined at this point -- long before a single line of code is written.


Once we have a complete scope defined, our designers get to work creating a user interface that reflects your brand and the goals defined in discovery.


You have reached the point where our developers can turn strategic concepts into an acutal product by way of coding (and coffee).


The build plan has come to an end and your product is now ready for a stream of quality testing then deployment onto a production server. You're now live!


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Automate your workflow

Not only can developing a custom web-based application to automate your procedures save your business countless man hours, but it can also provide a significant advantage in the customer experience. The return of which can yield significant gain in workforce, actionable analytics as well as overall brand value.

Data filtering and reporting

Powerful analytics that can go beyond your free analytics tool. We can measure against any data-point within your application. This intelligence can give you the actionable insights needed to make strategic business decisions and keep your company on the pulse of your industry.

Powerful Action Based Triggers

The heart of your custom application is a process workflow with a set of pre-defined conditions. Meaning if someone performs a task that you defined, the system triggers an action such as sending an email, text message, calendar invite or a series of multiple actions based on your rules. This makes your system extremely powerful and infinitely scalable.


Automating your workflows could be a total game-changer to your company's day-to-day efficency. Whether inegrating a CRM, transactional email service, SMS platform, ERP, accounting system or something completely custom, we can develop a custom reliable bridge.


What makes a custom database application so powerful is the ability to automate communication between two parties. This can be a vendor, customer, freelancer, finance department, manager or owner. Sending automated, yet highly customized SMS messages to customers or simple email updates internally can completely transform the perspective of your business internally and externally.

Role Assignments and Permissions

No matter how many seats or users involved, we can develop custom applications to match your organizational structure including external sources. We can create individual or group permissions to limit access for security restrictions to simplify the user experience.

Accessible anywhere

Thanks to the power of the cloud, your application will be deployed without location or device restrictions. No more hassles with overlap, communication gaps or lapses while you aren’t on the same network as your internal server. But wait, there’s more…we manage 100% of the maintenance and upkeep so you can focus on growing your business.


    Develop a custom database application which will greatly reduce manual logistics hours and increase the efficiency of internal and external communication of specialized real estate transactions.
    Conduct a thorough discovery phase which provided business logic context as well as identify pain points and potential road blocks. Once the discovery phase concluded, the software stack was chosen and development was able to commence with minimal barriers.
    Bytelaunch was able to systematically change the way we share files in our business. We are able to produce a far superior product and experience than ever before.

    - Alfredo  |  IT Manager

    The Discovery Cube Children’s Science Museum looked to develop a hands-on exhibit for children to explore the mission of the Mars Curiosity Rover.
    Develop a rich, simple to use, touch-screen kiosk application that engages children and promotes space exploration.
    The Mars exhibit has been a huge success thanks in-part to ByteLaunch. The kids love the kiosk and we look forward to developing new projects in the future.

    - Megan  |  Special Projects Manager



ByteLaunch is an award-winning creative, mobile and digital marketing agency in Irvine, California. We leverage our team’s creative energy, technical expertise and indefatigable passion for helping brands use technology to connect with consumers and grow their business.
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